/Syngenta  Vegetable Seeds Hosts Annual Field Day in the Netherlands

Syngenta  Vegetable Seeds Hosts Annual Field Day in the Netherlands

Syngenta  Vegetable Seeds hosts a field day in the Netherlands every year. Stakeholders travel from different locations globally to learn more about the Syngenta Brassica portfolio. At this field day, our respective distributors  get to view varieties in the demonstration fields and choose any new varieties they may have an interest in which can perform well in their local climatic regions. This means that at Fields of Innovation, you find different varieties tailored to the specifications of different countries.

This year this global field day provides an opportunity for all to participate. Syngenta has decided to bring it to our homes, workplaces and as we farm in the fields

The field day has gone virtual!

The field day as usual takes place in Week 39 of every year. Which this year is 21 to 25 September  2020

Every day, there will be opportunities for attendees to tour the site virtually, view exciting new varieties, have one on one interactions with experts from Syngenta, select varieties they have an interest in and assurance that a local team in their respective countries will follow up to address any queries they have locally.

All vegetable varieties are going to be discussed in depth and you will have the chance to ask questions.

In the 5days of the event, you may experience all varieties, take notes, ask questions and get agronomic information.

Why attend?
•Growers at heart of everything
•Unmatched quality expertise
•Genuine value through innovation
•Making a real world difference

To attend this virtual field day which is Absolutely free of charge:

You only need to register
-Your name
-If you are a nursery, a farmer, a distributor or a company
-Your email address is also needed so that you get updates from the Fields of Innovation desk.

After registration, you will be getting a confirmation email from Fields of Innovation.
Register on this link Here:

We also have Fields of Innovation Facebook page, where you can like and follow to get updates on the Global event everyday!

And Zimbabwe Syngenta Vegetable members will be keeping track of you, our valued farmers, to know if you have registered and help you register where you have trouble with registration.

Thank you for attendance. Hoping you all make it to field day.

I will be sharing fields of innovation posts with you as well as my team members…on this platform.

Who would miss a GLOBAL field day, with people from everywhere across the globe?

I won’t
You shouldn’t too

Sharai Salome Shumbaimwe,
Syngenta Zimbabwe Vegetable Seeds, Social Media Desk