/Take to Backyard Poultry Production to Beat the COVID-19 Lockdown

Take to Backyard Poultry Production to Beat the COVID-19 Lockdown

Many people have learnt a number of life changing lessons due to the seemingly unending COVID-19 epidemic threatening to disrupt all known business and life practices. Backyard indigenous and ornamental poultry producer, Mrs. Caroline Sifuya-Mabika, says ventured into road runner poultry production as a hobby, after years of broiler production, with 15 Black Australopes, and now prides a flock that now includes Dokings, Sassos, Buff Orpington and Brahmas.

Mr. Mabika switched from broiler production to indigenous breeds commonly known as road runners, and ornamental chickens after observing that the broilers were getting very expensive to feed and take care of considering the returns in the worsening hyper-inflationary economic environment, where fewer people have disposable income to afford the broiler chickens.

The indigenous chicken breeds are generally a lot cheaper to raise as they are widely tolerant of most diseases that affect the improved breeds and a farmer can feed them with feeds that are available to them.
Mrs. Mabika, said that she has four-week old Sasso chicks she is keeping for their egg laying capability and fast muscle build-up.

She also has the Doking chickens, Black Australopes as parents, for a future breeding programme and to diversify her flock.
Backyard poultry breeding generally suffer space challenges, for commercial production and Mr. Mabika, fenced a narrow part of her garden and allow the birds some space to wonder around to forage. She also built a multi-staked fowl run to accommodate all the birds that are in different stages of growth.

The demand for indigenous chickens is always rising and cannot be met with the current production levels, the rising cost production, the general state of the economy, and the declining levels of desposable incomes
By. Francis S. Bingandadi. Managing Editor AgriSeason